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 Some 1.49 million people are living with HIV in the country, a majority of them women while 713,500 are on anti-retroviral treatment and the nation recorded 28,200 deaths last year.The measures included allocating 3.5 trillion Iraqi dinars (about 2.9 billion U.S. dollars) to carry out several major projects for public services, such as electricity and water facilities, in addition to providing thousands of jobs in the government institutions.



  Netanyahu said that during their telephone talk, he told Morales that other countries are expected to follow the U.S. and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and announce the transfer of their embassies to it. "Well, here is the second country and I reiterate: It is only the beginning and it is important," Netanyahu said.Kuroda on Tuesday conceded that the bank's exit from its aggressive easing policy was likely some way off with the exact timing not yet a point for discussion.
  Netanyahu said that at his meeting with Trump, which was attended also by Trump's son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner, Kushner said that "everyone interprets the term 'state' differently." Netanyahu echoed his remark, saying "I am dealing with the essence, not the description. The question is: what is a country? Whether it is Costa Rica or Iran, there are many possibilities.""Iraq affirms its stance to reject terrorism, and stands with the international community in confronting terrorism, and supports all good efforts aimed at eliminating extremism and violence," the statement said.  In a statement published on the website of the Irish foreign ministry, Coveney said: "Kofi Annan was an exceptional international statesman who worked tirelessly for a more peaceful and equal world, both during his long and illustrious career in the United Nations and since his retirement, championing the cause of peace and reconciliation, in particular on his own beloved continent of Africa."He said his government's efforts to increase the sanctions on Iran were effective.
  Despite struggling with a thigh injury prior to New York marathon debut early this month, Cheruiyot showed her class to chase down compatriot Mary Keitany and was honored with a silver medal.Prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next
  The Israeli government and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have repeatedly threatened to launch large-scale military attacks on Gaza in retaliation for Hamas' arson attacks.Prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next >>|
  The International Tennis Federation (ITF) says the Davis Cup will culminate in an intriguing 18-team final event to be staged at a venue in Europe in December next year.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next >>|
  by Stefania FumoTensions between Israel and Gaza were on the rise ahead of Friday, when mass demonstrations are expected to begin along the fence. Gazans plan to hold big marches towards the fence. The army said it will deploy 100 snipers authorized of using live fire to prevent attempts to cross the fence.
  The company, founded in 1998, grows algae in greenhouses in southern region near the Dead Sea.Kenya launched their training camp in February even before securing the signature of their new coach from New Zealand following the departure of South African Jerome Paarwater last December.
  "With the UK's departure from the EU on March 29th getting closer every week, we have a taskforce in place, reporting to me, that it is considering all of the possible scenarios and the potential impact on business," he said.Kimmich extended his contract, stipulated until June 2020, ahead of schedule as the all-rounder has penned a three-year extension to stay with the Bundesliga giants until summer 2023.
  "In China, the Jack Ma Foundation focuses on improving the livelihood of rural communities through education and we look forward to learning from and sharing best practices with the Queen Rania Foundation on headmaster and teacher training," said Yu.It will be the 18th FINA World Championships. The event will be held from July 12-28.
  The robot also has two "ears," which are actually two microphones that receive ultrasonic frequencies. It can move in unfamiliar environments in the open air, navigating its way in real time only through the sounds.The museum has several phases. Phase 2 opened in December 2015.
  "We have allocated 5 million euros (5.67 million U.S. dollars) to cover the costs of first operations, which will be drawn from the National Emergencies Fund," Conte added.He also vowed to support Iraqi security forces so they can continue their mission to uproot the sleeper cells of IS terrorists.
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next >>|ANTARCTICA, Jan. 24 (Xinhua) -- The Kunlun team of China's 35th Antarctic expedition withdrew from the Kunlun Station on Thursday after completing various scientific exploration projects at the peak of Antarctic's inland icecap.
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 NextIn a joint statement concluding the nine-month-long investigation, dubbed by the police as "Case 4000," the police and Israel Securities Authority recommended indicting the prime minister and his wife for accepting bribes, fraud, and breach of trust.
  Gentiloni stressed that the crisis in Syria, where a bloody civil war has been raging in the Middle Eastern country since early 2011, cannot be resolved through the use of force but through negotiations.Israel's COVID-19 reproduction number, also known as the R number, has dropped to 0.95, according to the country's Coronavirus National Information and Knowledge Center.
  Zheng Jianbang, born in January 1957, is executive vice chairman of the central committee of the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang and vice chairman of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation.While Kosgey plans to go with the first group, so does Wilson Chebet, the three-time Amsterdam winner (2011-2013) who has done some training runs together with Frankfurt's course record holder and former world record holder Wilson Kipsang.
  New Zealand won their fifth Women's Rugby World Cup in 2017 after they beat England 41-32 in a pulsating final in Belfast, Northern Ireland.Cambodian Tourism Minister Thong Khon said Cambodia received 2 million Chinese tourists last year, up 67 percent from a year earlier, making China the largest source of foreign tourists to the kingdom.
  Tamaki had previously said that the central government's persistent push to continue with the landfill work is completely unacceptable and against the will of Okinawans who wish to see the base moved outside of Okinawa and Japan altogether.Suga's state of emergency has also drawn flak from opposition parties who have been critical of the fact that the measures instituted failed to bring the spread of the virus under control within the initial one month emergency period declared.
  Earlier in the day, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin hosted the traditional annual Yom Haatzmaut ceremony to honor 120 outstanding soldiers of the Israeli army.According to the Electricity Authority's annual report published on Wednesday, since 2017, investment in solar energy has increased significantly, as now there are 10,000 solar system installations all over the country that provides 3 percent of the entire electrical grid.
  The annual parade, known as the "Flag March," was held under heavy police security a day before the United States was expected to move its embassy to Jerusalem.JCR Pharmaceuticals Co., located in the western prefecture of Hyogo, will produce AstraZeneca's vaccine doses, with the Japanese pharmaceutical firm being charged with producing 120 million AstraZeneca shots, which is enough to inoculate 60 million people.
  Saudi Arabia leads an Arab military coalition that intervened in Yemen in 2015 to support the government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi after Iran-backed Houthi rebels forced him into exile.Kenya sells its fresh produce mainly to Europe but industry players are keen on tapping into the Asian market.
  "I will do what I am assigned to. And I also would like to reach out a hand to conflict victims for peace process," M Ja Seng said.The airstrikes took place hours after the security fence was damaged by four Palestinians and they attempted to arson an engineering vehicle, said the Israeli army.
  The reopening of the crossing comes amid talks held between Egypt and Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist movement that runs Gaza, in a bid to achieve a long-held truce between Hamas and Israel.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Next
  She added, "At first when I received the music and making the choreography I didn't feel that much of an excitement. But once I saw the Flame lit it was just surreal. I felt numb. When I talked to people around me after the ceremony, when the flame arrived it was really touching. Not only me but others would have felt the same way."Earlier in the day, Airbnb announced the controversial decision on its website to "remove listings in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank that are at the core of the dispute between Israelis and Palestinians."
  This new case "is linked to the outbreak of four cases reported last month and is not associated with either the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) or California State University Los Angeles (Cal State LA) exposures," the department said Thursday in a press release.Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov, U.S. astronaut Scott Tingle and Japanese astronaut Norishige Kanai feel well after spending 168 days in orbit, it said in a press release.
  The service, given by Israeli Army Coordination Unit for Government Activities in the Palestinian Territories, will be available on the unit's website and in its Facebook page in Arabic, providing service 24 hours a day.Italy's Francesca Lollobrigida, Francesca Bettrone and Noemi Bonazza took silver in 1:32.12 and Canadians Kaylin Irvine, Heather McLean, Ivanie Blondin clinched the bronze medal in 1:32.81.
  The meeting discussed relations between the EU and Jordan and developments in the Middle East.The rise in kiwifruit exports was the leading contributor to a 7.3-percent rise in overall goods exports, which reached 5.1 billion NZ dollars. This is the second-highest for any month, the highest level was 5.5 billion NZ dollars in December 2017, Stats NZ said.
  Kiribati is willing to work with China to improve bilateral ties to benefit both peoples, Mamau said."The discontinuance of the nuclear test is an important process for the worldwide disarmament, and the DPRK will join the international desire and efforts for the total halt to the nuclear test in the world," the KCNA quoted a communique of the WPK session as saying.
  Al-Asadi explained that the ministry has noted an increasing rate of drug abuse in Basra and other provinces, "thus we put forth measures to solve the problem, but the measures still require approval by the Council of Ministries."Iraqi President Barham Salih stressed earlier that Trump didn't get Iraq's permission to watch Iran.
  Indeed, our two countries are good neighbors linked by mountains and rivers, good friends who trust each other with all sincerity, good partners engaged in win-win cooperation and good brothers who support each other all the time.Prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next
  Police said the two applied for and obtained EU funding for an entirely fictitious project to build a new hovercraft that can be used as an emergency vehicle in cases of natural disaster.The ambassador, whose delegation requested an emergency meeting of the Security Council after Israeli soldiers reportedly killed at least 15 Palestinian protesters and wounded about one thousand others along the border fence, said the Israeli military was in violation of international humanitarian law and the Geneva Conventions.
  "Given the increasing and specific threats and incitement to attack our personnel and facilities in Iraq, I have directed that an appropriate temporary relocation of diplomatic personnel in Iraq take place," he added.Israeli Radio reported earlier on Saturday that more than 60 rockets and projectiles were fired by militants from the Gaza Strip into Israel, where the Israeli army fired back and targeted dozens of Hamas and Islamic Jihad military facilities.
  Guests attend a signing ceremony at the Iraqi Oil Ministry in Baghdad, Iraq on May 8, 2019. Iraq and a Chinese company signed on Wednesday a 1.07-billion-U.S. dollar agreement to process associated gas extracted from Iraq's southern giant Halfaya oilfield. (Xinhua/Khalil Ddawood)No organization immediately assumed responsibility.
  Recalling his life behind bars, Anwar said the most significant lesson he has learnt in prison is "the value of freedom." "Anyone must not be allowed to undergo the same travesty," he said, adding that such injustice needs to be stopped once for all.Latvian President Vejonis said in a statement to the media that this "visit takes place in a highly significant year for Latvia which celebrates the centenary of its statehood, and it clearly affirms the close and friendly relations between Latvia and Italy that have developed over the course of many years and are becoming increasingly strong".
  The Iranian president also said that a nuclear agreement inked between Iran and other world powers remained extremely important and condemned the United States' withdrawal from the pact and its increased sanctions on Iran.Neither the center-right bloc nor the Five Stars won enough seats in parliament to form a government on their own. While both their leaders - Matteo Salvini of the League and Luigi Di Maio of the Five Stars - claim the right to be the next prime minister of Italy, the two have been courting each another since the election.
  It will have seven Raptor engines, each capable of 200 tons of thrust, according to Musk."We need to enter the remaining players in other qualifying competitions because this event, open to athletes under 18 years, is critical in their development," Chemiyo said.
  While Okinawans are constantly incensed by U.S. military-linked crimes and accidents, gaining more economic support from the central government has always come into play in local elections in the southern Japan prefecture.Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said at a meeting of the government and ruling parties on Tuesday that Japan has been struck by a number of powerful storms and typhoons recently and the government must be prepared in advance of Jebi's arrival.
  A senior citizen receives the COVID-19 vaccine at a hospital in Rome, Italy, on Feb. 8, 2021. Italy's main coronavirus indicators continued to improve on Monday, a week into the country's latest easing of health restrictions and despite a slowdown in vaccine rollout. (Photo by Alberto Lingria/Xinhua)"Despite being targeted with lethal violence and denied access to the Internet, the Iraqi people have made their voices heard, calling for elections and elections reforms," Grisham said.
  ROADMAP OF FTAAP IN BEIJINGIn 2019, some 156,100 Chinese tourists visited Israel, an increase of 36.7 percent compared to 2018.
  The coach is ruing the injury of Sweden based Chris Mbamba and Brian Mandela, who were axed in his final 23-member team for the tournament.ROME, July 20 (Xinhua) -- Europe's largest active volcano erupted late Friday, spewing ash high into the air and closing two nearby airports.
  Kairat Umarov, the permanent representative of Kazakhstan to the UN, was leading the delegation.His left-wing rival, Gustavo Petro, of the Humane Colombia movement, finished in second place, with 41.81 percent.
  BAGHDAD, May 6 (Xinhua) -- Iraqi President Barham Salih on Monday called for addressing the obstacles and problems that hinder the development of the private sector in order to build a strong economy in the country, according to a statement released by the president's office.Sturgess' partner Charlie Rowley, 45, also fell victim to the poisoning incident and remains hospitalized in critical condition.
  |<< 11 12 13 14 NextBoniface Akuku, KALRO's director of ICT, said the mobile applications that are made available Tuesday will help bridge the gap between research and practice.
  The official forecast of the Italian government, as in the budget passed in December, was of a 1.0 percent economic growth in 2019.A press conference on the 5th Gulf Defense and Aerospace Exhibition and Conference is held in Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait, on Dec. 3, 2019. Kuwait will hold the 5th Gulf Defense and Aerospace Exhibition and Conference on Dec. 10, the organizing committee of the exhibition said on Tuesday. (Photo by Asad/Xinhua)
  Croatia now leads the group with six points and Nigeria is second with 3 points. Both Iceland and Argentina collected 1 point apiece.Kamworor will have the accompaniment of Josephat Kiprotich, Casios Masinde, Joseph Kiptum, Kipsang Temoi and Kenneth Cheserek as his Police teammates.
  Tamaki said recently the prefectural government will study the decision of the land ministry's issuing of an injunction to resume the land reclamation work, and may move to apply for screening by the Central and Local Government Dispute Management Council, which operates under the auspices of Japan's Internal Affairs Ministry."Martin McDonagh knows that a well-placed (expletive) makes a sentence sing like nothing else," she explained.
  Later on Tuesday, tens of thousands of women are expected to participate in a rally in Rabin Square in central Tel Aviv.The 37 years old father of two vowed to be on the frontline of protecting iconic wildlife species given their contribution to the country's prosperity and ecosystem balance.
  Kim retired after winning a silver at the Sochi Games four years ago and has been working as an honorary ambassador for the PyeongChang Olympics.At the Nippon Budokan hall in Tokyo, more than 5,000 participants including relatives of those who lost their lives in the war gathered to listen to addresses by both Emperor Akihito, attending for the last time in position as Emperor as he will abdicate next April, and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
  After Japan's early pressure, it was Iran pushing harder as half-time approached but they struggled to turn the domination into chances.KUWAIT CITY, April 3 (Xinhua) -- Kuwait opened on Wednesday the third phase of the Bait Al-Othman Museum, a historic museum in Kuwait located in Hawalli Governorate.
  DUBLIN, Aug. 18 (Xinhua) -- Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar on Saturday described the deceased former Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN) Kofi Annan as "a true multilateralist".From then on, she started being offered more diversified roles, and with the musical comedy "Victor Victoria" (again directed by Blake Edwards, and also starring James Garner) she received an Academy Award nomination.

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